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What we offer

Our professional management team and highly skilled tradespeople are committed to delivering outstanding results. CQ Blast & Paint provide prompt turnarounds and work closely with clients to complete all projects on time and on budget. CQ Blast & Paint can scope jobs on location and are happy to provide written quotations.
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Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting is when a high-pressure stream of air or water removes paint, rust, or other debris from a surface. It can be used on metal and non-metal surfaces and is often used to prepare surfaces for painting or other forms of finishing.

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Surface Coatings

Conventional surface coatings or paints applied in spray painting are usually a mixture of: • resins or polymers which ‘cure’ or ‘harden’ to produce a durable coating on the application surface • coloured pigments and fillers, and • solvents or water acting as carriers for the resins that evaporate during application and drying. Solvent-based coatings were the first to be developed and are generally the preferred type for smash repairs. Water-borne coatings also contain small amounts of solvents. Water-borne coatings are used by vehicle manufacturers for undercoats and primers, but are mostly unsuitable for refinishing because of relatively long drying times. Top coats or finish coats have tended to be solvent-based for automobile coatings.

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Mechanical Repairs, fabrication & Welding Service

Our fabrication services include:

  • General fabrication

  • Aluminium fabrication and welding

  • Trailer Repairs and Modifications

  • Earthmoving fabrication and repairs

  • Specialized welding

  • Inhouse mechanical repairs

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Fibreglass Repairs

We perform fibreglass repairs as part of our repairs service, saving you the extra time and money it takes to replace what has been damaged.

From fixing minor cracks to performing major rebuilds or structural bonnet repairs, if it’s repairable, we can do it!

CQ Blast can Repair:

  • Bonnets

  • Cabin roofs

  • Mud guards

  • Sleeper bonnets

  • All fibreglass components

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